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Ballet school in Midtown Manhattan, NYC.

Our ballet studio is open for children to adults. 

Offering different levels of classes from begginers to pre professional level also we have Stretch, Tap, Pilates and toddler classes.


Hariyama Ballet New York opened in 2010 in the center of NYC.

Mami Hariyama, the founder and director of Hariyama Ballet New York is full of passion and energy to teach day by day to Children, Junior and Adults.


Our goal is to make ballet enjoyable for all levels.  

All classes are taught by highly experienced teachers who all have a special love for dance. 


Beautiful, fun and serious lesson.

Experience of the joy of movement and music.

To cultivate the spirit of the arts in young people and to support their efforts in becoming an artist.


We have classes on everyday. 

Private lessons available.

Performances and Competitions opportunity.


History : 

2005 : Ms. Hariyama started her adult class once a week on 72nd Street, Upper West.

2006 : Started children classes.

2007 : Started producing performances for students,  young and professional artists continuing through now, also produced collaboration performance with artists from Japan and NY.

2008 : Sublet studio from Kyokushin DOJO 39th Street.

2010 : Opened own studio on 39th street, Midtown

2016 : Moved to 43rd Street, Midtown 

2019 : Opened New space on 33rd Street Midtown West.




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