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Policy, Code of Conduct Agreement for Kids and Junior

● Class placement 

Classes are divided by age, Once the student reaches the age to take Junior classes, class placement is determined by the teachers.  

Drop-in class is not available for kids and Junior classes. 


● Trial Classes

The School offers two times trials for $30 each. This fee can be deducted off of your tuition if registering for the class trialed in same semester session. Trials must be booked in advance and are non-refundable once fully paid for. 


● Registration and payment

Program is from September to June, divided into 3 semesters. 

Summer camp and intensive is held in July and August.

Tuition must be paid on the first week of the session. All payments are non-refundable.


All applications are considered in the order received.

Due to holiday schedules, the number of classes per month may vary. 


Monthly payment options are available for an additional servicing fee and can be arranged with a School Coordinator.



● Cancelation

All payments are non-refundable.

In the event your child cannot attend their class or in cases of long-term health problems a school credit may be considered if your child is unable to attend class due to extenuating circumstances. This credit is applicable towards future school classes only. 

Classes might not start in the beginning of the semester until more than 3 students enroll for the class. 

All classes are subject to cancellation dependent upon student enrollment. In such cases a School Coordinator will contact all students in advance to coordinate alternative class and tuition options.



● Registration fee 

Registration fee is $50. Siblings will receive a 50% discount for the registration. 


● Discounts

Multi Class Discounts are applicable. Discount will be applied at the enrollment. See the tuition page. Siblings will also receive a discount from the tuition. 

Sibling discount is : If tuition total is between $500 - $1299 = $50 discount be applied, $1300 - $1799 = $75 discount will be applied, $1800 and higher = $100 discount will be applied. 

● Class switches will only be accommodated within the same age level and are contingent upon availability in the other class section.  Students may not switch class times/groups more than once.

● Attendance

Good attendance is imperative to a dancer's progress. Students who are injured are required to watch class, although students who are ill and contagious should stay home. 


● Missing class

Please Email us before the class starts if student will be absent.

Missed classes may be made up by appointment only within two weeks. 

Students may make up an absence by either attending another section of their level or one level below. 

Make-up classes might not be permitted due to the space constraints in each class section.


● Be early Students should arrive early so that classes may start on time. We recommend students to arrive 15 min early to prepare for the class. If a student is more than 15 minutes late for class he/she may sit down and watch class or will not be admitted into class, as it is disruptive to the ongoing class and not safe for students without warm up process. 



Girls are required to wear pink footed tights, ballet leotard and pink ballet slippers. No tutus,  Short skirt is allowed for Kids class. No skirt for Juniors. When we do the rehearsal for the performance or any other event, students will be asked to wear class color leotard which will be white, pink, blue and black. Pointe shoes upon teacher permission.


Males - white tank leotard or white tee shirt with black convertible tights, socks and ballet slippers 


Hair should be neatly put in a bun or pulled back for class. No jewelry except for stud earrings. 



The risk of injury exists in any physical activity. Please consider this before enrolling your child. Hariyama Ballet cannot be held responsible for personal injury or loss of property. Personal possessions should not be left in dressing rooms or restrooms under any circumstances. 



In registering your child, we have your permission to use class or performance photos for the marketing of Hariyama Ballet. If you object, please submit your objection at the time of registration. Parents may only take photos or videos on observation days with the approval of the each individual instructor.


● PERFORMANCE Opportunities 

We have one or more performances during the year. All students will be participating for the performance especially for the Spring Performance. It’s a part of the curriculum for the Hariyama Ballet. Performance fees will separately charged and the cost will be depending on ages and numbers of pieces students perform. We will announce all details before the performance rehearsal begins. 

● Costume Fees

Costume price may vary by age and concert. Each costume is custom ordered or handmade and rental fee is usually between $30 to $70 per costume.



 ● Responsibilities of Parents & Guardians

Children should never be left unattended in the hallway, dressing room or bathroom under any circumstances. If you will be leaving the building, please notify the teacher.


NO Kids Class Students are allowed in the studios without a teacher present at any time.


Please fold ALL strollers and leave at the stroller parking area. DO NOT block the elevator, stairwell or hallway and help us to keep our building safe and clear!


Parents or guardians are not permitted to observe class, take a photo or film unless the teacher gives permission. 

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