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Hariyama Ballet Summer 2021

Inperson, Zoom or Hybrid

Ballet, Variation, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Character (JR only) and Stretch Class

From July 5th to 30th

Monday - Friday or Weekend 

(Weekend classes are optional. You can take only weekend class)

7月5日から30日 月曜から金曜・週末クラスも開講

Program Options : 

  1. Full Summer, 4 weeks Program

  2. Ballet Only Summer, Ballet and Variation for 4 weeks 

  3. Weekly Registration, You can pick which week you would like. 

  4. Non Ballet Summer, Tap, Contemporary or Jazz only 

  5. Ballet/Variation set, You can pick which day of the week you would like to take. 

  6. Weekend Register, Add Weekend classes for the Summer program or you can choose only weekend classes as well. 

  7. NEW!! Pick a day from Monday through Saturday

  1. フル受講

  2. バレエとバリエーション4週間受講

  3. 週ごとに受講

  4. バレエ以外を受講

  5. バレエとバリエーションのセットを曜日で選択

  6.  週末クラスを追加する、または週末のみ

  7. ​追加!受けたい曜日を選んで参加

Kids Summer Program - Suggested age 6 and up 

Junior Summer Program - Suggested ages 10 (9) and up depending on their dance experience.

Please contact for any question.

★★Registration Link. Please Click here and fill out a registration form.★★

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